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Prototype landfill gas electric generator & gas processing module

Prototype landfill gas electric generator & gas processing module

The following is a list of Power and Energy generation projects conducted by VinTech Consulting and its parent company

Electrical and Power Generation

  • Small induction generator and control system development.
  • Single-Phase small induction genset development.
  • Generator-to-utility grid interconnect safety system
  • Large induction generator test facility development.
  • Utility distributed generation with biomass wastes: economic analysis.
  • Peak shaver system for municipal utility system.
  • Electrical load and cost analysis: municipal recreation park.
  • Low cost, portable load bank design and testing.
  • Power Factor correction system.

Energy Production

  • Low cost heat recovery & thermal storage system for poultry farms.
  • Energy recovery from food processing plant wastes.
  • Anaerobic digestion systems development.
  • Modular anaerobic bioreactor design and development.
  • Control system development for anaerobic bioreactor.
  • Anaerobic digestion using fish, poultry, food wastes, and glycerine waste streams.
  • Biodiesel production.
  • Waste-to-energy analysis of biodiesel refinery.
  • Small biomass gasifier design.
  • Micro-hydro power plant analysis, design, and test system.
  • Micro-wind turbine design and analysis.
  • Solar chimney energy system.
  • Salinity Gradient Solar Pond analysis.

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