Providing technical, marketing, and management consulting to the energy and transportation industries.

Vinyard Technology Company, Inc. sponsors a wide range of internally funded programs for future business development.  While broad based and multi-disciplinary, the projects have a common focus: “Enabling Technology”.  The objective for each project is to provide the key, critical technology to enable new markets or products.  Energy efficiency, recycling, environmental stewardship, and improved economic performance are prominent components of each of these projects.  The following list illustrates the span of some of these efforts.

Engines and Fuels

  • Waste motor oil-fueled engine development.
  • Waste cooking oil-fueled engine development.
  • Cold start system for heavy-fueled engines.
  • Fuel handling and delivery system for viscous fuels.
  • Dual fuel system for biogas-fueled engine.
  • Dual fuel LPG small genset conversion.
  • Low maintenance – long maintenance interval engine systems.
  • Dual fuel syngas conversion systems and testing.
  • Water injection systems for engine deposit removal.
  • Heavy duty ethanol-fueled engine and conversion analysis.
  • Low cost dual fuel conversion system for HD diesel trucks: International markets.
  • Life cycle analysis of biogas-fueled gensets: dual fuel versus lean burn engines.
  • Cogeneration module design & development.
  • Aircraft engine failure analysis.

Environment and Emissions

  • Scrap tire to energy concept analysis.
  • Waste industrial fluids disposal using engine combustion.
  • Portable hazardous materials disposal system.
  • Intake resonator design for engine noise reduction.
  • VOC-contaminated soil remediation system testing.
  • Bioremediation for odor control in confined animal feeding operations.
  • Segmented, modular lagoon cover for biogas capture and odor control

Electrical and Power Generation

  • Small induction generator and control system development.
  • Single-Phase small induction genset development.
  • Generator-to-utility grid interconnect safety system
  • Large induction generator test facility development.
  • Utility distributed generation with biomass wastes: economic analysis.
  • Peak shaver system for municipal utility system.
  • Electrical load and cost analysis: municipal recreation park.
  • Low cost, portable load bank design and testing.
  • Power Factor correction system.

Energy Production

  • Low cost heat recovery & thermal storage system for poultry farms.
  • Energy recovery from food processing plant wastes.
  • Anaerobic digestion systems development.
  • Modular anaerobic bioreactor design and development.
  • Control system development for anaerobic bioreactor.
  • Anaerobic digestion using fish, poultry, food wastes, and glycerine waste streams.
  • Biodiesel production.
  • Waste-to-energy analysis of biodiesel refinery.
  • Small biomass gasifier design.
  • Micro-hydro power plant analysis, design, and test system.
  • Micro-wind turbine design and analysis.
  • Solar chimney energy system.
  • Salinity Gradient Solar Pond analysis.


  • Recirculating aquaculture systems development.
  • Waste-to-energy analysis of fish farming operation.
  • Waste water solids separation and filtration studies.
  • Environmental growth studies for tilapia, catfish, shrimp, and other species.
  • Hydroponics-aquaponics systems design and testing.
  • Anaerobic digestion systems for aquaculture facilities.
  • High rate algae growth system design.

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