Providing technical, marketing, and management consulting to the energy and transportation industries.

In order to assist in consulting activities, VinTech maintains a “skunk works” development center. ┬áThis allows rapid and efficient construction and testing of various concepts without the burden of major corporate-owned laboratory. ┬áLocated on a major highway in downtown Hartford, Alabama, Vinyard Technology Company has unique indoor and outdoor testing and fabrication facilities

  • Diesel and natural gas generator testing from 3500 W to 0.5 MW.
  • High pressure natural gas supply system.
  • Portable generator load banks, from 3500 W to 0.5 MW.
  • Exhaust Emissions analyzer, portable, NOx, CO, CO2, HC, O2.
  • Portable engine instrumentation system: pressures, temperatures, liquid and gaseous fuel flow rates.
  • Electric power systems analysis.
  • Full scale cogeneration systems testing.
  • Engine heat rejection testing.
  • Custom fuels testing.
  • Induction genset test facility, single-phase and three-phase, to 100 kW.
  • Pilot-scale anaerobic digestion facilities for waste stream analysis.
  • Water quality laboratory.
  • Generator manufacturing.
  • Computer Aided Design capabilities.
  • Anaerobic Bioreactor manufacturing.
  • Recirculating aquaculture test facilities.

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