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Below is a listing of client-sponsored projects conducted by VinTech and its patent company. These are grouped by Engines & Fuels, Exhaust Emissions, Energy, and Other.

Engines and Fuels

  • Dual fuel biogas conversion of large, municipal genset engine (California).
  • Gas engine analysis for small heat pump drive.
  • Unique rotary engine concept analysis.
  • Natural gas irrigation engine efficiency improvement and testing (Nebraska, Colorado).
  • Waste cooking oil-fueled genset demonstration for poultry house operation (AL).
  • Design and development of high-efficiency, long-life lean burn gas engine for heat pump drive (S. Korea, AL).
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle engine conversions for low emissions: Russian market.
  • Dual fuel engine analysis and testing: irrigation engines (Texas, California, Midwest).
  • Diesel-to-gas conversion design and development.
  • Engineering and market support for engine conversion company.
  • Engine remanufacturing facility evaluation.
  • Turbocharger analysis and testing for gas engines.
  • Theory and Application: natural gas engine design class.
  • Biodiesel specifications analysis.
  • Well-head gas analysis: Colombian market.
  • Palm oil-fueled engines: African market.
  • Lean burn versus stoichiometric burn genset testing, LPG and natural gas fuels.
  • Coal gas-fueled engine analysis: Chinese market.
  • Standby genset system design and installation.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds energy recovery system for fuel tankers (West Coast).
  • Engine development and fielding- synthetic gas from medical wastes (Hawaii).
  • Engine development and fielding- synthetic gas from electrical component and circuit board wastes (Japan).
  • Engine development and fielding- synthetic gas from municipal and shipyard wastes (S. Korea).
  • Engine development and fielding- synthetic gas from biomedical wastes (S. Korea).
  • Genset development, dedicated and dual fuel, small biomass air-based gasifier syngas (Miss.).
  • NATO military certification testing for engine lubricant additive.
  • Dual fuel conversion analysis for extended operation: municipal standby gensets (Gulf Coast).
  • Lean burn syngas engine testing and development, small and large engines (Wash.).
  • Performance testing and field application – Biogas-fueled genset for swine nursery operation (Miss.).
  • Performance testing and field application – Biogas-fueled cogeneration genset for poultry broiler operation (Miss.).
  • Fuel economy testing of locomotive engine (GA).
  • Analysis of hydrogen-based fuel augmentation system.
  • Review of engine remanufacturing system performance,
  • Engine coolant analysis.
  • Lean Burn Large Engine Development (1000 hp.).
  • Long Life, High Efficiency, Continuous Duty Genset Engine (“3-Million Mile Engine”,30 hp.)

Exhaust Emissions

  • Emissions reduction potential of diesel shipyard cranes (West Coast).
  • Dual fuel CNG diesel refuse truck emissions analysis (West Coast).
  • Analysis of emissions from diesel fuel treatment device (West Coast).
  • Syngas-fueled engine emissions testing.
  • Emissions reduction from biogas dual fuel conversion system (West Coast).
  • Air/fuel control and aftertreatment system design for exhaust emissions control.


  • Analysis of LPG-fueled thermal cotton defoliator (California).
  • Test plan development – Class 8 truck fuel economy improvement.
  • Transmission system test plan.

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